website branding design


Branding + WEBSITE UX/UI design + + custom development + production + Video

Client's Business:

  • New Social Media start-up platform based on political discussion between elected officials and their constituents.

Project Details:
  • • Developed a new platform that allows exclusive communication with users and their respective elected official, from Federal to State to County to local levels.
  • • Development required a complex method to establish data points for every voting district in the US (from Federal to local)
  • • Designed new branding to reflect the core purse of the Website, along with all UX and UI.


Web logo design


Keyframes for video:

Video design

Final Introduction Video:

video pulled photos from ElectedFace database of elected officials.

Mock-ups for Co-Branded Partner Page:

Concept for partner integration of ElectedFace technology into existing Websites. Wireframes and Final Comp

Web design Comp

Final Web Design:

Web design Home Page

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