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I'm a huge believer in travel. Not relaxing vacations, but exploring, visiting, and experiencing somewhere I've never been to, with little planning and few reservations. Risky? I know. Rewarding? you bet!

This starts with little more than a destination for the day; then figuring out what road, where to eat, or where to sleep that night. It forces you to talk to people, learn a new area, think fast, adapt, and trust strangers. In other words, you learn to communicate and be creative.

Similar to another line work that I'm familiar with :-)

Three years ago, I decided to merge my love of motorcycles, photography and travel; taking an adventure bike on several trips to the remote (and not so remote) parts of the American south west and Canada. A true discovery of a landscape I've only seen in movies: mountain crossings, rocky shores, desert valleys and miles of unpaved 'roads' that lead to nowhere. Every trip consisted of an airline ticket, a route on my phone, my bike, my gear, a few podcasts, and a lust for adventure.

What I've experienced can barely be quantified in photos. Yes, there was amazing sites, 115 degree days, 26 degree nights, danger, joy, relief, surprises, accidents, and everything in-between. But despite all of the sights, it's the stories that hold the true value. Anyone can brag about their 5 star ocean front hotel; wouldn't a story about a 1/2 ton bull blocking your way be more interesting? I think so.


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This little 'infographic' nicely sums up the Adventure experience:

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